A Spot of Tea

These cute little tea/coffee cups with matching saucers were trifted at a local second hand/antique store near where I live. I couldn’t resist them with their grade school charm and only wish there were more to this set. Sometimes if second hand china that you find when thrifting is from a well known or common enough source you can find supplements to what you already have online. I searched the internet and ebay for more of these, however, and alas it was to no avail. The brand name ASA Selection is fairly common here in Europe and is even made in Germany but this particular print must be from a much older collection because ASA’s website didn’t have anything like these listed in their china collections from within the past two years. It’s a shame, I would have really loved to have had a set of four. So I decided to gift them to a friend of mine and my husbands for his birthday last weekend along with a bag of gourmet herbal tea to go with them.



Cost of the tea set: € 1

Cost of the tea:  €4.50


2 comments on “A Spot of Tea

  1. One Euro!!! Those are the absolutely cutest tea cups and saucers I have ever laid eyes on!!! You go girl ;0)

    • lvaletutto says:

      Thanks! I loved them too and would have kept them if they were more than just a set of two. We often have someone over for tea/coffee and I would need at least a set of four… They were hard to part with let me tell you, but our friend Markus lives on his own so I thought it would be a nice gift. ; )

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