Ear Flap Hat


I knit this hat with a skein of yarn that I had gotten for free from Cephalopod Yarns in return for donating a hand-made item, that I had knit about a year ago, to the relief project called Afghans for Afghans. Afghans for Afghans is in the organization’s own words “a humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted blankets and sweaters, vests, hats, mittens, and socks to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan”. This is a grassroots effort dedicated to clothing people in need of warm clothes during times of war and crisis. It was inspired by the Red Cross tradition of knitting hand-made items for soldiers and refugees during World Wars I & II.


It’s really nice to donate a hand-made item and know that all of your effort and money/time is going to the aid of people in need.
Afghans for Afghans will be accepting donations of hand-knit hats, mittens and scarfs through the end of February if you are interested in donating to this cause.


Last year I knit this hat and donated it and it seemed fitting to knit another hat with the yarn I got for participating in the project.


Since my family has been experiencing an especially tough winter this year in upstate New York, with lots of snow and subzero temperatures, I decided to send this hat to my mom as a belated birthday gift. It has a loose fit, which I know she prefers, and knitted with double strands of yarn it is warm and cozy. You can knit this with just one strand of Merino yarn if you like but the addition of a fluffy mohair yarn makes this hat softer and fuzzier which makes for a better buffer against the cold weather.


Ear Flap Hat

Adult sizes S/M and M/L

You will need:

  • 4.5 mm* double pointed and/or circular needles (circular needles are optional)
  • Size J Crochet hook
  • 1 skein (280 yds/256 m) DK/ light worsted weight merino yarn like: Cephalopod Yarn’s Traveller
  • 1 skein (220 yds/200 m) worsted weight 10 ply mohair yarn like: Lana Grossa’s Babykid

Guage: 16 stitches and 25 rows = 4in x 4in in stockinette
*Or size needed to obtain guage!

What to do:
Size S/M follow instructions below
Size M/L follow instructions below including those in [ ]
For the Ear flaps:
(Make 2)
Cast on 3 stitches on circular or double pointed needles.
Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Purl
Row 3: Knit 1, Increase one to the left, knit 1, increase one to the right, knit 1
Row 4: Purl
Row 5: Knit 1,
Increase one to the left, knit 3, increase one to the right, knit 1
Rows 6, 8, 10, [12, 14]: Purl
Rows 7, 9, 11, [13, 15]: Continue to increase as before with one left and one right increase
(total of 13 [17] stitches)
Row 12 [16]: Purl
Rows 13 [17]: Knit
Rows 14-23 [18-25]: Repeat the two rows above
Row 24 [26]: Purl
Cut the yarn leaving a tail to weave in later and transfer flap from your needles to a long piece of waste yarn

On circular (or double pointed needles) cast on 13 [16] stitches.
Place the earflap with the knit side facing you and knit across.
Cast on 28 [34] stitches.
With the second earflap’s knit side facing you, knit across.
Cast on 13 [16] more stitches. (Total of 80 [100] stitches)
Join in the round and continue knitting for 35 [40] more rows: about 5 1/2 [6] inches from cast on rim of hat.

Row 1: *Knit 6 [8], Knit two together, repeat from * around
Row 2: *Knit 5 [7], Knit two together, repeat from * around
Continue in this manner for 4[6] more rounds. (total of 20 stitches)
Row 7 [9]: Knit around
Row 8 [10]: Knit two together, around (total of 10 stitches)
Row 9 [11]: Knit around
Row 10 [12]: Knit two together around (total of 5 stitches)
Cut a long tail. Pull yarn through remaining 5 stitches and to the inside of the hat. With a crochet hook single crochet all around the bottom edge of the hat. Weave in all loose ends. Use the crochet hook to pull loops of yarn through the bottom end of each ear flap that are 5 inches long. Tie the loops in place near the bottom of the ear flap and cut the ends of each loop to form a tassel. If you have enough yarn left over and you are so inclined you can also make a pom pom for the top of the hat. I used up exactly one skein of the merino yarn to make this. Block the hat carefully with a damp cloth and a hot iron. You can also line the hat by sewing in a layer of fleece to the inside to make it extra warm.



6 comments on “Ear Flap Hat

  1. Hey you, What’s with the mug shots! Where is that beautiful smile of yours?! I love the hat, but I would love it even more if it were showing off your smiling face underneath :0)


  2. e says:

    Thanks for this pattern! Just completed it (with a few minor changes: under-chin tie-off instead of tassels, and I’m gonna put a pom-pom on top, plus it’s two different colors cause I ran out of one yarn!) and love it!

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